When you think of the video wall what comes in your mind..? How It will use effective your work..? is it easy visible ..? How each display talks to each display..? How it will appear Single into multi-screen ..?what technology behind this video wall is it more compatabiltyProjecotrs Finlay how much budget? How long it will work and durability…? Whether we have to consider .OEM or SI..? All this quotation yes have one Single point of contact KVIK Infotel..?

For Making and designing video wall at your premises we have to consider a few of a couple of following thinks.

  1. Video wall
  2. Controller
  3. Software

Lets know whats is video wall:

A video wall is a multi-display wall that’s created by joining multiple screens together to display a larger image or windows of multiple images,The display technology can be LCD or LED panels, each display to displays bet win gap called in technical word BAZEL in today market it will start from .88mm to 3.2mm BAZEL size.

Do you want a simple digital signage type display, an advanced, large-scale control room wall or something in between? What environment will the video wall be used in military/tactical, security, utilities, retail, education, transportation, museums, industry, conference rooms and more? The application will drive what type of video wall you choose.

Some video walls are specifically designed for mission-critical 24/7 environments Like NOC rooms, Defence, Security, Hospitality.

Video Wall Controller

A video wall controller this device will talk your input source to video wall at a time you can control single screen or multi-screen with single input client able to see the content.



When planning your video wall, consider what type of display you’re going to use. You can choose from LED and LCD panels, tiles, cubes, and projector systems.

Not all displays have the same level of brightness or resolution and these specifications will likely be important decision criteria. The more detail and sharpness you require, the higher resolution you need. You also need to consider the width of the display bezel. Newer displays feature ultra-narrow bezels that result in a more seamless image.

Video Wall Processors

There are a number of types of video wall processors to choose from depending on your application today and your future requirements.

First, today, the terms video wall processor and video wall controller are often used interchangeably. Their basic job is to segment video content for each display in a multi-display wall. A video wall processor is a video scaler that makes sure every source signal goes to the right screen with the right resolution. It takes an image and sends it to individual screens for display as one large, cohesive image. A video processor is in charge of taking the various inputs and putting them all together. An advanced video wall processor can take content from multiple sources for display on multiple screens. A video wall processor is similar to conventional video scalers, but with greater input, output and processing capabilities.

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