Polycom dealer in Hyderabad

We have a unique range of video conferencing solutions for the business conferencing and collaboration requirements solutions. We at KVIK INFOTEL aim to provide people the facility of working together while on a remote location. Our range of branded conferencing systems includes Polycom who are one of the leaders of video conferencing and telecommunication systems in the market. We are the top Polycom dealer in Hyderabad and provide corporate or business houses with ideal communication systems with the line of products. These solutions help to improve productivity of business houses with face-to-face meetings within and beyond a conferencing room.
Polycom has leaded the industry for over 20 years, setting a standard for class communication systems. The brand boasts of a range of impressive tele-presence systems, video desktops, conferencing phones and accessories. Their technology is an important part behind businesses around the world. We have understood that today, mobile communication systems has dramatically changed the way how people access information, communicate, share information and stay connected. This is why we have brought for our customers the best video conferencing solutions in the world. We are recognized as the one of top Polycom Video Conferencing Dealers India and have a view to connect all enterprises with the unique conferencing solution.
We are the best Video Conference System Dealer Hyderabad have a range of the best products from the brand such as the RealPresence Group Series, which boasts of a great quality of video streaming that give highly productive collaboration solutions. It is available in numerous configurations for the requirements of any organization. We also the have the HDX series comprising of the HDX 600 that is used for point to point video conferencing, producing HD quality images. We have the 720 P and 1080P model of the HDX 7000 series, which enables multi calling with up-to 3 sites at a time. HD quality streaming and display is available to single point, in HD. It has the option of connecting a second camera and can enable dual display at a time. The product is highly suggested for the IT and government sector.
We also have the HDX 8000 with a twin camera, a HD mute calling, best used for classrooms and virtual class rooms. The Eagle eye Director features Voice tracing with 7 Microphones and with two cameras, one of which tracks the room and the other follows the voice, best for e-classes and board conferences. The RealPresence Practitioner Cart from Polycom is ideal for medical professionals for interaction with patients and offers enhanced mobility. Also in our range is the QDX 6000, which is of high quality and is easy to use.

We are dealing with below products:

RealPresence Group Series

Breakthgroup-series-lg-1rough quality and user experiences for highly productive group collaboration; available in multiple configurations to meet the needs of any organization

HDX Series

Full suitehdx-series-lg-2 of group video systems

HDX 600

Polycom HDX 6000 video conference it can be used for Point to Pont Video Conference solution and it can be able to connect single display only this equipment HD ready

HDX 7000

PolycomHDX 7000 in this we have two models 720 P and 1080P in that we can able to do Multi calling at time (1+3) sites in this if you are calling video call POINT to PONT you will get the clarity HD but in multi calling HD will not get, you can able to connect 2nd camera Svideo port,at time we can connect 2 display this model can be suggestible at Corporate IT/Govt/

HDX 8000

Polycom HDX 8000 This video conference system advantages that in mute calling HD and 2nd camera also HD, we can used this system Board room solutions and E-Class room solutions

Eagle eye Director

Polycom Eagle eye director Voice tracking camera in that 7 Mic’s and 2 comers (1-camera for observe the entire room and 2nd camera , will observe speech based on the voice, this camera it can be use full for E-class room solutions and Audio Video Board Rooms

RealPresence Practitioner Cart

Mobile spractitioner-cart-lg-1olution connecting medical professionals to patients, no matter where they are located

QDX 6000

High-qualityqdx6000-lg-a and simple to use