Eaton 9145 UPS

Reliable High Peeaton-ups-9145rformance Power Protection for critical applications

The 9145 double-conversion online UPS from Eaton affordably protects mission-critical applications from downtime, data loss and corruption. Its robust design enables it to operate in harsh physical and electrical environments. Its input is optmised to operate with very wide input voltage range, reducing the number of transfers to battery power and is perfectly compatible with engine generator sets. An internal over-voltage cut-out device fitted to 1-3kVA models automatically isolates the UPS from extremely high input voltage, protecting the UPS and your critical loads.

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Powerware 9390 - Uninterruptible Power System

The Powerware 9390 eaton-ups-9330UPS features innovations that combine to deliver the industry’s best overall power performance. Built on more than 40 years of UPS design expertise, the Powerware 9390 excels in four key factors:
1. Efficiency-maximum usable output power relative to input power
2. Total harmonic distortion (THD)-keeping input current distortion within acceptable limits
3. Power factor-managing phase shifts between voltage applied and current drawn by circuits
4. Double – conversion topology – complete isolation of protected loads from input utility power

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