What is the audio-video Board room?

Board is very crucial secure room for any organization like corporate, govt or any other hospitality.

Audio Video board room to design our KVIK INFOTEL TECH TEAM will understand what all the key points required for the client noted accordingly our team will design the solutions.

Key factors in the board room

  • Video conference system
  • Video projection system
  • Vidoe wall solutions
  • Audio system
  • Video and audio control system.
  • Lighting control system.

What is VC:  VC one to many many to one at a time we can connect whether it’s IP based on web-based KVIK INFOTEL provide the complete range of solutions, video conference system more important is camera present market we have voice tracking its very helpfull to whom we are discussing eye contacting, simultaneously through system w can share the PPT

Video system: We can suggest multi-type video system in the Board Room, Projector or professional displays. Firstly we will choose a projector this will help you if continuously ongoing meetings and above 30 members on the Board room, we can suggest Projects. Professional displays mail usage is for VC calling only.

Video wall: Now trends are moving video wall the reason is simple single output many input client would like to see for this reason video wall suggest. At a time VC local meeting content we can run on a video wall, bazel size very crucial is and most important.