Before designing the AV Solution in Auditorium we need to check the few think with Client and Atrchtech, Auto CAD of the layout see the diagram accordingly our design AV team raise the few clarifications with Arch Tech and Client, like. What kind of the AV Solutions he is looking at this point of time, Acoustics, Lighting Control System, Stage Décor Seating system.

KVIK Infotel will help the client to get the right solutions so that he will feel real-time Auditorium, finally, we will show in POC how it will be in real-time Auditorium.

Acoustics Whether you are In Auditorium Room, Classroom, Board Room, main important us communications, this is why more important that any Audio Video vendor implement proper acoustics, Poor Acoustics even best audio systems, leaving both users and attenders frustrated , So KIVK Infotel we design the improve the Audio clarity and intelligibility in Auditoriums overall notice floor.

Achieving good Acoustics should be very important every project irrespective of the usage of different vertical etc. Govt/Educations/Hospitality every user has having independent ideas and usage finally KVIK Infotel, understand and design the right way.

LIGHTING: Purpose of good Lighting is required AV Room.

We don’t work on the Lighting system, but before designing BIG AV Auditorium we need consider few parameters, the reason why it is based on Lighting only Total ambiance will change and User and customers will fell comfort.

TYPES OF LIGHTING: To Design the Professional Lighting Control System KVIK Infotel follow few parameters as mentioned below.

Theatrical Lighting:  What type of Lighting used in Stage during Live performances and live events, specific emotions responses will follow from our Audiences.

Arhcticeutarl Lighting: This Lighting illuminates interior & exterior spaces corporate buildings to governmental structure key factor.

Stage Curtains Design and Rigging:  out know how important good stage rigging and curtain design is to the success of your venue. No matter where your performance hall is located.

Our Team KVIK INFOTEL consists of professional talents who have done various backgrounds designed on a couple of projects done.

Why Stage Curtains Design and Rigging:  Your performance and Audience members may be using missing out of event Theatre performance, If you don’t investigate new Rigging.

Different Types of Rigging Available in Present Market:

Static rigging
Motorized Rigging
Theatrical Rigging
Automated Window Shades.
Yes, it’s not east matters to Rigging best for your locations, This is where our experts KVIK Infotel designing team will be addressed solutions. If you want to work with Trusted & Professional way partner yes best for the venue is Contact KVIK Infotel for Free Consulting.

Audio Video & Control Switching:
Irrespective of Location and user usage on different vertical followed thinks is most important to right wat design the proper AV solutions, here KVIK Infotel design team will help and what’s today markets speak.

Projection System
Video walls
LED walls.
Video Distribution & Switching
HD & 4 K Control System
Video Conferencing/Tele pressing
IPTV/Digital Signage
Audio System
DSP & Mixers
Virtual CollabrationTechnology
Network Broad Costing.

Importance of Video System:
Video System very key role important, every user has had they need UNIQ future so this our deigning team understood and accordingly which solutions it will sites accordingly we will educate and show the POC in client premised or existing project where we have done successfully running showed them. Etc Projector /Video wall. Projection.

Video Distribution System: In this kind of Big Auditoriums will have a different kind of Inputs and multiple outputs Video will be installed, so while running showtime we may RUN or control Entire theatre we need right way of Video Distribution system shown to be designed

Important of Audio System:  In each AV room will as different king audio system we need to consider our Designing team will take care of the right solutions to satisfy users & Clients.

Wall Speakers
Ceiling Speakers
FOH Speakers
DSP Audio